To massively understate, Saturday's Vancouver-Calgary game was a very interesting one. I'm going to do my best to explain, but you'll need to check out the videos to completely enjoy this one...

     The starting lineups in Vancouver may have looked a little funny Saturday night. That's probably because both teams put out there fourth lines to kick off the game. After a long awaited opening face-off, the fun began.... that's right, a line brawl.

     Now we've probably all seen line brawls before... they're a ton of fun to watch. But this one was something special. Vancouver Head Coach John Tortorella, who's known to be quite the character, was clearly annoyed that Bob Hartley, the Flames Coach, put out his tough guys to take the opening draw. As is customary with Torts, he had no trouble voicing his opinion.

     Throughout the line brawl, Tortorella was by the end of the Vancouver bench nearest to the Calgary bench, going nuts. As both teams duked it out on the ice, they made a lot of noise on the bench, yelling over at one another.

*Note: Notice one of the funniest parts of fighting, how some of these guys pat each other on the back afterwards as if to say... "Nice fight, man!"

     The brawl resulted in 152 penalty minutes.... (I really wish I was that camera man in the middle of the benches...)

     Oh, but it didn't end there. Let's just say that the twenty minute period wasn't enough time for Tortorella to cool down... not even a little. Following the first period, Torts decided it would be a good idea if he could make his way over to the Flames locker room and have a chat with Calgary! Needless to say, this did not roll over well for him.

     Maybe just a little too far Torts...

     Vancouver went on to win the game (booooo) 3-2 in the shootout, with a combined total of 204 penalty minutes.

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