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    How will the Bruins keep it together with all these injuries?  Will they be able to hold off the Senators with names like Turco, Whitfield, MacDermid, Sauve, Caron and Mottau? Our Bruins are riddled with injuries and it could not have happened at a worse time. This is the time of year when most NHL teams are scrapping for playoff spots and position. The Bruins, however, are just trying to hang on with a patchwork line up.  

    The latest added to the injury list are Selke Award candidate, Patrice Bergeron and defenseman Adam “Darth Quaider” McQuaid.  These two injuries could be the straws that broke the camel’s back. There is no word on how long they will be out of the line up, but Bruins fans have their fingers crossed that it is not an extended period of time.  Bergeron is arguably the Bruins most important forward. His tireless effort makes all the other forwards accountable and his hockey IQ is top of the charts.  McQuaid is a hardnosed defenseman who’s physical play adds to a tough Bruins persona. He is a very underrated player on the back end.

    The injury to Tuukka Rask has also become an issue. Tim Thomas has looked exhausted his last several starts. Let’s not forget, next month he will be 38 years old.  Fatigue is setting in for the Vezina veteran who has been playing professional hockey since 1997. That is plenty of mileage for a guy, who last season played a career high 57 regular season games and then 25 games in the playoffs.

    Other players out are Rich Peverly, Daniel Paille, and Nathan Horton. The Bruins did welcome  Andrew Ference back yesterday in a game in which they were flat out beat down by a strong Penguins team, who are without the best player on the planet. The mash unit continues to grow while the Bruins lead in the Northeast continues to shrink.