Bruins Face Possible Elimination

      The Bruins fall to the Washington Capitals 4-3 and fall behind in this series 3-2. The Bruins offence looked a bit better today but some of their top forwards still are not on their A game. The Bruins were the victims of a bad call late at the end of the game which was when the Caps scored and won the game. Now Boston is in serious trouble. If they lose tomorrow, the Bruins will be eliminated from the playoffs. Even if Boston does win tomorrow, they will still have to face a game seven. Each of the goaltenders in this game had a goal or two they would like to have back. Except for the fact that the one Tim Thomas wanted back came at the worst possible time and lost them the game. The Bruins will have to play an important game six in less than 24 hours with travel. In order for the Bruins to win this next game and keep themselves alive, they have to play an all-around fantastic game and have the ambition to win.

      Also, two Bruins players suffered injuries in this game. Patrice Bergeron and Joe Corvo both got hurt during this course of this game and there is no update on either player at this point. Although Joe Corvo is not one of Boston's best defenseman, it makes it harder on the Bruins other defenseman because they have to play more minutes than they usually do. Patrice Bergeron is one of the best Bruins players and they need him in the lineup for so many reasons. He is so useful in every game situation that the Bruins cannot afford to lose him especially in this tough playoff series. Be sure to watch the ever so important game 6 tomorrow at 3:00 pm on NBC, RDS, and CBC because the Bruins and their fans are not ready for this season to be over.