Should Bruins Fans Be Concerned About Boston's Chances?

      After a double overtime loss to the Capitals yesterday, should Bruins fans be concerned? If the Bruins want to win this series, then their top lines have to start producing. Over the past two games, the third and fourth lines have been producing most of the shots on goal and all of the scoring. Some could blame the Bruins scoring slump to the Cap's goaltender Braden Holtby. Although Holtby has been doing well, the Bruins have failed to make it difficult on him. Most of the time, he has been able to see the puck because the Bruins have not been blocking his view. Holtby has faced 74 shots in this series and only two have gone past him. Not to mention that Washington has blocked 49 shots over these past two games. The good news is that the Bruins know what they have to do. Not only do their top guys have to step up their game but they also have to win more battles along the wall. The Bruins are more than capable of scoring, they just have to make it happen. The Bruins also have to create more traffic in front of the net and use their size and strength to their advantage. They have got the defensive part of the game down, now the scoring just has to come and the Bruins will be in great shape. Game three of this series is on Monday at 7:30 in Washington. Be sure to catch the game on CBC, NBCSN, RDS2, and NESN.