Winter Classic Canceled

Hey Folks, It's been a while, but the news has remained the same, still no solution to the lockout. I'm sure most of you have heard the news swarming around today that to add to the frustration the NHL just canceled the Winter Classic.

Hate to say this but I believe there isn't going to be a season this year. I Hope I'm wrong but by canceling the biggest revenue provider it just shows that there is no chance that anything is going to happen. There has been all sorts of speculations to why the NHL is doing it. One from Allan Walsh says that the NHL is trying to crack the players, but the players are just getting more pissed. This is a good point, and if the NHL comes to an agreement I will be surprised by how many players decide to come back.

We will keep you posted if any intriguing news comes forth. While you wait you can enjoy the Celtics as they have their first home game of the season tonight, and play Saturday as well.