Bruin's success lies in the hands of Tuukka

          With all of the confusion and despair of the lockout over, several questions still remain for the Bruins. Undoubtedly, the biggest question is Tuukka Rask. The Bruins' success relies hugely on that of their young goalie. With a well praised offense and a very solid defense, the Bruins can get the job done on the ice. Plus, the B's have a good balance of veterans and youngsters, along with lots of potential from rookies and prospects, such as Dougie Hamilton.
          But the Bruins need solid goaltending if they wish to be successful in the postseason this year, especially with the shortened season. We already know that Tuukka can be a dependable goaltender when he's on his game, as we saw a couple years ago for the young goaltender. After Tuukka's stellar season came that of Tim Thomas, which appeared to cover up the high value play of Tuukka Rask.
           The question is whether Tuukka can play successfully at an NHL level once again. If he does, you can expect to see huge things from the B's.