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    Eyes on the power play tonight

    No doubt the Bruins are off to a hot start this year. And a second win against the Rangers tonight would legitimize them as the cream of the crop in the Eastern Conference in this young season.

    The Bruins are playing well in all facets of the game, however  they are yet to notch a power play goal, having gone 0 for 9 to this point, including 7 missed power play opportunities in the first game versus the Rangers. On the bright side, the B's are 9 for 9 on penatly kills. But ineptitude in the area of power play scoring was a painful and critical flaw for last year's Bruins squad, and was a major factor that contributed to their demise in the playoff series vs. Washington

    Listening to both Peter Chiarelli and Claude Julien speak coming into the season, it was clear that improving the power play unit was a top priority. Let's see if they can make something happen tonight and secure a statement win against the team many picked as the favorites in the East.