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    New labor deal ratified, one hiccup remains

    From the Globe:
    NHL players have ratified the new labor deal but the lockout still goes on.

    The union says Saturday that players voted in favor of the agreement reached with the NHL last week, however the sides still haven’t finished a necessary memorandum of understanding regarding the terms of the deal that would allow training camps to open and for the schedule to be released.

    Now that the players have officially voted yes on the new CBA, all that is left to agree on is a MOU (memorandum of understanding). This is basically just an agreement of when the players can hit the ice and for how long. Barring any unforeseen occurrences, all teams should be hitting the ice tomorrow beginning their rigorous six day camp.

    Also for those interested, here's how the votes broke down, from Pierre LeBrun:

    The 12 who voted no should be strapped to the next rocket ship we send to the moon.

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