The Bruins Need to Step on the Gas and Not Let Up

Let's Hope Some Rangers Hit the Ice On Saturday
 At 7:00 p.m. on Saturday night the Garden will be packed in Black and Gold as the New York Rangers come to town to kick off the 2013 NHL season. 
  The Bruins have to realize that they must step on the gas and not let up. With 12 players playing overseas during the lockout, we are already a step ahead in terms of conditioning.  We need to take advantage of these out of shape teams and have a strong start so when the team, and the rest of the NHL finally reach "real" game shape, the Bruins will have an early season lead in the standings and will cruise to a high playoff seed.
I'm not saying a loss is going to demoralize us. But it will be the type of loss, if it is a loss. But let's be honest we all know they are going to win. If the Bruins go out there and play like crap (much like the scrimmage on Wednesday) then we have a problem. If the Bruins go out and lose a tight contested game, where they worked til the end, then we can take that as a stepping point.
  Now a win will be huge here, and I expect a closely contested game. The Bruins will have the edge like as I said, due to the fact that our stars have been playing, and add the die hard fans cheering them on. The Bruins better see that they have a prime opportunity to seize an early lead in the standings and if they play like the Bruins we love, then I see us contending for the cup yet again. Let's bring it back to Boston! The quest starts Saturday!