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    Keys to The Game Vs. Buffalo

    Buffalo is a nice city. Just ask the Bruins. They have to pack up and go back to Buffalo for the second time in three games, all in the same week. The last time the two teams met the Bruins beat the Sabres 3-1 and overpowered the weak Sabres team. Both teams have only played one game since their last meeting. The Bruins lost in overtime to the New York Rangers in a thrilling game in which the Bruins scored two goals with an empty net to send the game into OT. The Sabres on the other hand suffered another loss 2-0 against the Ottawa Senators. The same keys to the game as the last apply to this game except with one addition, the fact that the Bruins are about to start a 5 game road trip which will add to the keys to the game. 

    1) Focus on the Forwards. The Buffalo Sabres have great forwards on their team and a few years ago it looked liked they had the right defense men to match. But over time Tyler Myers hasn't lived up to expectations and Robyn Regehr hasn't been himself since he left Calgary. Christian Ehrnhoff is the only Buffalo acquisition to live up to expectations. The Bruins should focus on the forwards becuase they're the only ones who can do the scoring and the intimidating.

    2) Intimidate the D-Men. Because Buffalo's defense is already weak if the Bruins can intimidate them and impose their strength then the Bruins will have an easier time getting to the net and Ryan Miller. If Tyler Myers ever starts to turn it on again he could be a very scary player which is why the Bruins need to make sure they shut him down and keep it that way.

    3) Rest the Best. A five game road trip means the Bruins have to make sure they keep track of time on ice. Chara hasn't been off to the best start this season but there shouldn't be too much strain on him this early in the season. The Bruins rely on him for a deep playoff run. Claude will also have to limit the time on ice to make sure the players can make it through this five game stretch. 
    (Which would win in a fight anyway? A bear!)

    (Not a Buffalo with a sabre. Which it couldn't use.)