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    Tyler Seguin Will Turn it Around

    Many think Seguin is underperforming,
    but with a team filled of skilled players
    there is no need to sound the alarms

    It's been a while since I've last written about the Bruins, I have been stuck down in the sunny Carolinas with no access to the Bruins, and just got access to a computer. so unfortunately I won't be able to watch tonight's game. I hope to be able to do a recap analysis on Tuesday's game against New York, so I apologize in advance.

    Anyways, despite the Bruins excellent play as of late, something that stands out to me is the invisibility of Tyler Seguin on the score sheets. Seguin came off an outstanding performance in Switzerland where he averaged about a point a game in around 30 games. Many Boston fans thought he was going to have an immediate impact on the NHL level, but let me state, the NHL is a whole different game than the international leagues. The ice is smaller and the players are more skilled and bigger. Seguin will be just fine.

    In Switzerland, Seguin was playing with one of the NHL's best players in Patty Kane of the Chicago Blackhawks, and there was not much talent over there, so it is no wonder that Seguin was flourishing over seas. Here in Boston, Seguin isn't the center of the show. The Bruins have a stacked team that focuses more on the defensive side of the ice rather than the offensive, thus not requiring the needs of one player making all the plays, hence Seguin does not need to score and produce points every game. This is why we see the fourth line sometimes being the only ones producing points on the ice.

    In the first 9 games of the season Seguin has 6 points (4 assists, 1 goal and 1 empty netter). He also has 29 shots on goal which averages slightly over 3 shots per game. He is currently ranked second on the team in points with the likes of Brad Marchand (5G 1A), and Nathan Horton (3G 3A), with David Krejci leading the pack with 9 points (3G 6A).

    Although it seems like Seguin is almost invisible out there, he most certainty is not. I caught most of the Montreal game on Wednesday night and at the start of the third when Claude Julien decided to switch Horton and Seguin, putting out a line of Lucic, Krejci, and Seguin, they produced two goals within the first 2 minutes (there first two shifts of the period), with the latter becoming the deciding factor. Seguin recorded both a goal and assist on those 2 goals.

    I feel that Seguin can produce when needed to. As we saw in the Montreal game, the Bruins needed a spark and it appeared that by Claude switching Seguin from the second to first line that helped Seguin and the Bruins produce.

    Seguin is a very skilled player, but the Bruins don't need to rely on him to play outstanding every game. Seguin just needs to put in a quality game, and when he has the chance to convert he will. I feel that Seguin is feeling pressure to put up similar numbers like he did over seas. That is unrealistic. As I have said and will say all season the Bruins are stacked, everyone contributes to the game. Sometimes it's the first line sometimes it's the fourth line.

    So for those who think that there is a problem with Tyler Seguin, there is not. The points will come and he is a key component to this team, he just does not need to be the one to rely on every game when our first two forward lines are up there with the best of them, and let's not forget the third line with Kelly and Peverley, who could well be playing on some NHL teams second lines.

    The Bruins will be back at it Sunday night up in Buffalo after Saturday's game against Tampa got canceled due to the absurd amount of snow. I expect the Bruins to be seeking revenge after that disaster against Buffalo last week.