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    Vancouver's Goalie Controversy

    It looks like Luongo will get the starts in Vancouver

    Now you're probably reading this and saying why is this on a Bruins blog?  The answer is because I, like most Bruins fans despise the Canucks and all their antics after that 7 game Stanley Cup finals, and
    nothing makes me happier than seeing a team I hate so much having a bunch of problems.

     At the start of the short season there was all sorts of speculation that the Canucks were going to move forward with Massachusetts native Cory Schneider and ship Roberto Luongo. Now they are in a debacle.

    The stats are as follows, Schneider has a 2-2 record with a 3.13 Goals Against Average, and a .897 save percentage. Pretty bad for a goalie that the Canucks wanted to move forward with.

    Luongo's stats are as follows, 3-0-2 with a 1.53 Goals Against Average and a .940 save percentage.
    Luongo has looked like the vintage Luongo, but will he hold up?

    Currently the Canucks stand at 5-2-2, currently leading their "weak" division and standing in third in the Western Conference. It will be interesting how they hold up moving forward with the rat man Luongo standing between the pipes. Most likely they will make the playoffs, but how far can Luongo take them?

    As we learned in 2011, Luongo is he's soft. The Bruins and the fans got into his head during the Cup Finals, and last season in the only meeting between the Canucks and Bruins, Schneider got the start. Luongo is a pussy and gets rattled quickly which means, should the Bruins and Canucks meet again in a Stanley Cup Finals matchup, Boston is in for a fun time, and Luongo will probably hide behind the bench forcing the Canucks to throw young Schneider in the net.

    Regardless, f**k the 'Nucks and I hope Luongo starts sucking. Like I said nothing makes me happier than seeing our enemies fail.

    The Bruins continue their quest for the cup tonight at 7:30pm on NBCSN up on the East side of Canada against the Montreal Canadiens, another team that I hate. Read my preview here.

    Go B's! F**K Canada!