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    Keys To The Game Vs. Ottawa

    The Bruins are coming off of a impressive win over the Flyers in a very lack luster Bruins vs Flyers game. The Bruins shutout the Flyers 3-0 in the matinee hockey game. Pialle, Seguin, and Kelly all scored goals in the game.

    Kellys goal came at a time when his line was struggling. With Jordan Caron back in the lineup the line is +1 and one goal in one game. While Caron might not be on the line all year, the Bruins are rumored to be trading for a new piece, he certainly adds a boost. The boost for Kelly will be double tonight as he faces up against his old team the Ottawa Senators.

    So far this season the Senators continue to prove the doubters wrong. So far this season Ottawa is 13-8-4. That doesn't look so glorious next to the Bruins 16-3-3 record but it's amazing considering the amount of injuries Ottawa has faced and continues to face. Considering star defense man Erik Karlsson went down for the season and starting goalie Craig Anderson is facing weeks off the Senatos have defied all odds. Help from young players has boulstered the club and helped it to stay in the playoff run.

    1) Lehner. Goalie Robin Lehner will be in net tonight for the Senators just as he was last time the Bruins and Senators squared off. Lehner is 1-0-2 and played well against the Bruins the last game. Lehner gave up 1 goal in regulation and 1 in OT in the loss. The Bruins now know what the young kid is capable of and have a general idea of his weaknesses and now they can attack. Lehner doesn't seem to be like Bryzgalov or Lundqvist, there isn't one are to shoot for in particular, not 5-hole or glove side. The Bruins might went to try screening Lehner or flat out crash the net.

    2) Skate Your Game. The Bruins can beat Ottawa even when Ottawa is at their best. The Bruins have the flat out better team. That doesn't mean Ottawa doesn't have heart. The young team with veteran leadership probably won't give up if the defecit becomes to great. And recently the Bruins have been blowing leads. If the Bruins jump to an early lead they can't relax and they can't collapse in front of the net. They have to play the game like its 0-0 and stay aggressive and tough.

    (Marchand is predicted by Accusports to have 0.26 goals this game, which is like saying one goal, and Bergeron has a 44% chance for a point. Accusports expects big things out of the first line tonight.)