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    Keys To The Game Vs. Buffalo (Pulling Through a Tragedy)

    Monday was one of the most tragic days in Bostons long and historic history. By now we all know what happened, there is no need to re-live it. The terrorists where foolish though because Boston was the wrong city to mess with. As President Obama said "Boston is a tough and resillient town". The bombing won't send Bostonians running or want us to allow the military into our city. All it did was help unite us and remind us of the wonderful bond in our city. The thoughts and prayers of all of Boston are with the victims and their familys. Now people are trying to get back to a normality after such a tragic event.

    The best way to get back to a normality after a tragic event is sports. Not only does it allow us to get back to a normal thing but it also provides an oppurtunity for a large portion of the city to gather in one place and pay tribute to the victims and the tragic event. Fans can look to the Bruins, Celtics, and Red Sox to make an emotional run in the playoffs. Becuase its not just sports fans behind them, it's all of Boston, Massachusetts, and New England.

    The Bruins face Buffalo tonight and this will be the first sports event in Boston since the bombing. It will be the most emotional game all season and it is an important regular season game too. Fans can look forward to Patrice Bergeron returning to the lineup and Soderberg could be in the lineup tonight. Not much word has come out about Soderbergs arrival which is appropriate. The Bruins also have a chance to clinch a playoff spot with tonights game.

    On a side note good for Claude Julien finally putting Krejci and Jagr together. The Bruins have a serious shot at the cup with the best possible lines on the ice.
    Lines for the Senators game could apply tonight accept Soderberg could be somewhere in the lineup or they might look exactly like this: