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    Bruins Vs. Rangers: Keys To Game 2

    The Bruins and Rangers are ready to face off in the second game of the second round. The first game was, interesting, as the teams felt each other out in the first period and then in the second period the game turned into the series it was hyped up to be.

    (Thank goodness Krejci has turned it on. *unionleader.com)
    That game went into overtime and the Bruins won on a Brad Marchand one timer. Just like game 1, most games are expected to go into overtime, as both teams and coaches are defensive minded and the skill players aren't ever really used to their full potential.

    So what can the Bruins do to go up 2-0 in the series? Well it all comes down to Claude Julien. Both Julien and Torterella play 0-0 hockey games; they don't play to win, they just play to not lose. Julien rarely edits his lines and the team, as usual, is awful on the power play. As proven in years before the power play isn't that big of a deal and the team can definitely win with out it. But Julien's lack of line changes has taken away from the team and even the morale of the fan base. Fans think their coach is inept and stubborn and in a way, Julien is.

    One sign of change though has been Seguin being moved down to the third line. While the other lines are still poorly put together, it does at least show that Julien is willing to move down those that are not performing.

    Julien being a very defensive coach did help the Bruins a lot in game 1 as three rookie defense men had to be inserted into the line up; one, Torrey Krug, didn't play a single game all regular season. The three defense men played great and Torrey Krug even scored a power play goal. It's unknown whether or not we will see the three rookie defense men of the apocalypse again tonight or not. It looks like Redden could be back in the line up tonight, there is no word on Siedenberg, and Ference is out.

    Projected Lines:



    Tuukka Rask