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    Who to Replace Horton

    Could the Jagr find his way back in Boston?

    Happy 4th everyone. Nathan Horton has decided to pack his bags and head off into the sunset after a great playoff run where he totaled 7 goals and 12 assists for 19 total points.

    Now the question is, who does Boston take to replace his spot?

    Two names that quickly come up are Jaromir Jagr and Daniel Alfredsson.

    As we all saw during the second half of the season, Jagr is not the Jagr of 10 years ago. He still has a plethora of skill and although he did not tally a goal all post season he tallied 10 assists. At 41, Chiarelli initially said the Bruins and Jagr were going to go their separate ways, but now with Horton packing his bags why not sign him for another year and see what Jagr can do for this team with a full offseason and full season to gel.

    Another old timer just north of the border is Daniel Alfredsson of the Ottawa Senators. At 40 years old, Alfredsson is near the end of his career, but shows the heart and desire to win, something the Bruins love. It is unrealistic that Ottawa will let him go after 17 years, but he's a name to watch out for.

    A couple of other names to keep your eye on are Daniel Briere of the Philadelphia Flyers, Jarome Iginla, David Clarkson, and Michael Ryder to name a few.

    Expect Peter Chiarelli to get creative to keep this team in tack and have them compete for the cup next season. Only 4 more months folks.