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    B's do a little Team Building in Vermont

         On Sunday, after finishing their morning practices, the Bruins took off to Stowe, Vermont to take part in their annual team building activities. The activities that take place are designed to help bring the team together, and to allow them to work, and bond as a whole. For years, the Bruins have taken part, and now, the core of their roster has seen how the non-hockey events work.

    “I think it helps,” said Milan Lucic, who has certainly been to through it before. “Every time we come back from it the team gets a little bit closer. Especially with some new faces in the locker room it’s an opportunity to hang out with guys in a different setting away from the rink to talk about other things other than hockey. It’s an opportunity for us to build team chemistry and that team bond and to make it stronger because it’s been a big part of our success the last couple of year.”
          There's no doubting that this sort of thing can really help out a club, not only off the ice, but on it too. Despite the fact that these are non-hockey activities, the B's, particularly the new faces who are still acclimating to the Boston atmosphere, get used to working together to achieve a common goal, a skill that's vital in a sport like hockey. Having good team chemistry is absolutely necessary, and this is a great way to boost it. Plus, it's a great way to break in the rookies.

    Jarome Iginla, a veteran who, although new to Beantown, knows the importance of Team Building, commented on the activities:

    “The more you get to know each other the more you feel comfortable in all different situations,” Jarome said.
          The Bruins practiced in Vermont today, and then return home to get ready for Thursday night's home opener against Tampa Bay in Boston.

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