Was the Marchand hit dirty?

Half way through the Bruins game Brad Marchand was blindsided by Justin Abdelkader. Abelkaders skates left the ice and his stick seemed to aim for Marchand. But that doesn't mean the play was dirty. As stated by both Jack and Brick during the broadcast, Abdelkader didn't see Marchand and ended up skating, or jumping, right into him. (See the video below.)

The incident has sparked a lot of debate amongst fans though. Of course the word "debate" is being used kindly here as arguments on the internet are never a pretty sight. So, Bruin's fans, what do you think about the hit? Tweet @bruinslife with your argument and see what other B's fans are saying.

(Luckily for the Bruins Marchands injury wasn't serious so we will be seeing more of this. Picture courtesy ESPN.)