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    Tim Thomas injury could delay matchup against Boston Bruins

    Photo By Mark Buckner

    On the calender hanging in my kitchen, Thursday October 17th has been circled in red magic marker since the Florida Panthers announced they had signed two-time Vezina trophy winner Tim Thomas to a one-year contract. Now, it looks like that forged doctor's note I got from a back-alley "doctor" in Lawrence to get out of work that day is completely worthless. Yesterday Timmy Thomas was pulled from the game against the Flyers after giving up two quick goals in the first period due to a pulled groin.

    Here I was planning to day drink in sweatpants and a wife beater in preparation of seeing Thomas face off against his former team and now I'm going to be forced to day drink and watch the Bruins smoke the Florida Panthers for the millionth time. That's a waste of a sick day if you ask me.

    NHL.com's Adam Kimelman tweeted following Tim Thomas giving up two goals to Philadelphia's Braydon Coburn and Braydon Shen:

    Photo By Mark Buckner
    So, Tim Thomas takes a year off from the NHL, plays like shit, and pulls his groin in his first couple starts. I can't say I'm surprised. All that time making homemade ammunition and preserving raspberries in mason jars along with being a moron and not participating in a full training camp was bound to detract from Thomas' god-given ability to stop the puck.

    While Thomas has not been placed on injured reserve as of yet, the Florida Panthers have recalled Scott Clemmenson to backup Jacob Markstrom in the interim.

    A glimmer of hope remains despite the darkness. Tim Thomas is staying positive about his injury according to the Miami Herald's George Richards:
    So, you're saying there is a chance?

    In the history of hockey drama, Tim Thomas facing off against the Boston Bruins, the team he carried to a Stanley Cup in 2011, would be right up there with Bourque finally getting a cup and America beating the Soviets in 1980. If you are any kind of hockey fan you are right now praying for the miraculous and speedy recovery of Tim Thomas' groin. And if you are any kind of decent human being you are praying for the miraculous and speedy recovery of any injured groin because that shit hurts like the mother.

    Photo By Dillip Vishwanat
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