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    Bruins vs Blue Jackets: keys to the game

    Just a day after an intense game against the Rangers, the Bruins have to go up against the Columbus Blue Jackets. The Jackets are under .500 with a 10-13-3 record. It's been a disappointing season for a team that was expected to make an impact on the East this year.

    Whose the Blue Jackets leading goal scorer so far this season? Gaborik? Nope. Their leading goal scorer is Ryan Johansen. The 21 year old kid has 9 goals and 9 assists. His 18 points are tied for the most points on the Blue Jackets. Johansen is just proof of the Jackets new and acquired depth at forward.

    The Blue Jackets still haven't fixed their defensive problems though. The Jackets have three great two way defense men in Tyutin, Johnson, and Wisnewski. But that's about it. The Jackets lack good defensive defense men and their offensive defense men are prone to mistakes, like all good puck moving defense men. It's the great ones that rarely mess up.


    1) Depth, Or No Depth: The Jackets do have depth at forward now. Of course Gaborik is also always a threat as a sniper. The last thing the Bruins can let happen is letting Gaborik find his way into this game early and then the Jackets take care of the rest of the game. By shutting down Gaborik the Bruins are in affect making the game a lot harder for the Jackets.

    2) Blue Jackets Defense: As I stated earlier the Jackets top defense men are mainly puck moving guys. They can chip in on offense which is great but they don't always do their job defensively. The Bruins will just need to capitalize on some Columbus mistakes which are bound to come.

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