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    About last night...Julien, B's not happy with their effort vs Habs

    Coach Claude Julien did not hold back when asked to asses how his team played Thursday night versus Montreal. And he was not alone.

    Speaking post-game, Julien and many of the players voiced their displeasure with their effort given in the matchup with the hated Canadiens.

    It was three things for me, we didn’t skate well tonight, we didn’t make good decisions, and we didn’t execute well. When you have none of those three things, you’re not going to win too many hockey games. So that was absent in our game tonight, and we certainly didn’t pick a good night to play that kind of game, but the results are from a lack of those three things.

    Julien also got a little testy when asked why he pulled Tuukka Rask, avoiding the 'goalie controversy' line and instead shifting the focus to the entire team:
    It’s a lot of everything…That’s a decision that I make, and I don’t feel I have to explain every time. I don’t think I have to explain myself why I pull the goalie...This isn’t going to be one of those things where we’re going to make a big story out of a pulled goalie. Our team was poor tonight. Maybe sometimes you pull the goalie for different reasons. I don’t think I have to explain everything to you guys for the reasons because there’s a lot of decisions that I make that are for inside that dressing room…not necessarily for everyone to share.

    Patrice Bergeron:
    I mean, basically everything…Execution, and our heads weren’t into it. They deserved to win. We didn’t play anywhere near where we need to play to have success in this league...I would say from what I remember, the worst game of the year.

    David Krejci:
     We thought we were ready, but obviously we weren’t…It is what it is. We lost. We didn’t like the way we lost, but we’ve got to move on, forget about this game, and try to get ready for the Saturday.

    Dougie Hamilton:
    Our message was clear…I think it’s been a wakeup call for everyone. Our attitude needs to be better in games like that, especially trailing early, and no one was willing to step up I guess and try to get everyone going.

    Milan Lucic:
    There’s not much to really say. It was pretty clear how things went by watching the game. We weren’t sharp in our decision-making. They were first on pucks, they won more battles than we did from the drop of the puck to the end…It’s unfortunate that we came out with that kind of effort against them once again…You have to suck it up and call a spade a spade. It wasn’t good enough from, I guess, an emotional standpoint and from a determination stand point. You just have to get better from games like this. 

    So the Bruins will move on and leave this stinker in the rear-view mirror, as their next game happens in less than 24 hours versus the Oilers at the Garden.

    With four games to go until the Olympic break against some pretty tough competition, the B's need to get back on track after this slight derail and finish strong.

    quotes via BostonBruins.com and CSNNE.com