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    Bruins vs Canadiens: a rivalry at its best

    Tonight is a game all Bruins fans can look forward to, a Bruins versus Habs game. This season the Habs are 28-20-5. Fourth in the Atlantic division, the Canadiens will be looking for points tonight and they'll want to keep the B's from getting more.

    The Habs are still the same team that tries to get penalties and score on the power play. Despite their efforts to add strength, the Habs are still an offensive minded and finesse team. It'll be all about style of play between the rivals tonight.

    Key To The Game

    - The Canadiens are looking for points as the playoff race is starting to heat up. On top of that the Habs and Bruins are bitter rivals and this is set to be a nasty rivalry game. This game could have a playoff like atmosphere and this is the perfect game to measure the strength of the Bruins defense. The B's can win, as long as they prepare for the title wave of energy that will come from Montreal.

    Projected Lines


    Tuukka Rask
    Chad Johnson