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    Stanley Cup Champs

    Bruins vs Ducks: Road Trip!

     The Bruins are in Anaheim where they will start their West Coast stint. The game tonight will be at 10 PM for us here on the East Coast so you might want to plan a trip to Dunkins in your schedule tomorrow, because its going to be a late night.

    The Ducks have the best record in the league at 31-8-5. Thanks mostly to the teams top line of Penner-Getzlaf-Perry. Its a line that can score goals and play defense. The line has a combined 53 goals and 63 assists which just tells you exactly why the Ducks have the best record.

    Perry also has some chip to him, as he stole Semins stick in one game (below).


    1) Perry and Getzlaf: Corey Perry and Ryan Getzlaf both already have 20 goals this season. Perry can snipe the puck from anywhere in the offensive zone and Getzlaf can pass the puck from tape to tape with ease. The Bruins cant give Perry room to work in the offensive zone, probably thanks to Bergeron, and the Bruins defense will have to interrupt Getzlaf passes.

    2) Ducks Defense: The Ducks are one of the few teams in the league that has a mainly offensive minded defense that can actually play defense. It works for them. The Bruins will have to work just as hard against them as other defenses and have to watch out for the Ducks D-Men putting the puck in the net.

    Projected Lines


    Tuukka Rask
    Chad Johnson