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    Bruins vs Preds: keys to the game

    Niklas Svedberg is going to start tonight. For real this time guys, Im serious, there should be no impromptu send downs to the AHL or emergency call ups. So it looks like Svedberg will get his first NHL start against the Nashville Predators as Hamilton and Soderberg return to the lineup.

    The Preds are still without Pekka Rinne and the reason the Preds probably won't make the playoffs. With that said its a good game for Svedberg to get his first start in, facing off against another AHL goalie, and a team that has trouble scoring.


    1) Spooners Line: The third line was starting to gel right as söderberg went down with his injury. When Söderberg was out it was easy to see how well Spooner and him were really working together. They are on the same page and with Spooners speed combined with Söderbergs aggressive drives to the net, the line is poised to score.

    2) Svedberg: It's Svedbergs first NHL start tonight. Whether the Bruins are looking to trade him or Johnson who knows. But it's the first chance for the AHL goalie of the year to prove himself. I expect Svedberg to play at his best and I'm predicting a shutout in his first game. There's a red hot sports take for ya.

    Projected Lines


    Niklas Svedberg
    Tuukka Rask