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    Progress Report: The First Line

    Photo via avalanche.nhl.com
         When the season kicked into gear last fall (yes, last fall... it's 2014 folks), the Bruins first line stared straight into the spotlight, as the eyes of Boston, and all of Bruins Nation watched eagerly to see what they could do. This line, which on paper, looks like something out of a dream, has been put to the test in the first three months of the season, taking on some of the most elite defenses in the league. They did not disappoint.
         The first line, consisting of Milan Lucic, David Krejci, and Jarome Iginla, has led the Bruins offense, particularly of late, putting up points across the board. As the new line-mates adjusted to each other, they fell into a groove, and have yet to be taken out of it. The first line was good to start off the season, but lately, they've been unstoppable.

         All three guys have stepped up their game, and have produced for the B's. Milan Lucic, who's regular season play last season was below the desired mark, worked very hard over the off season to improve his game, and it's paid off. Big Daddy Luc has been playing exceptionally well with his new winger, and of course, with David Krejci, who has tallied at least a point in 28 out of 41 games. Meanwhile, Jarome Iginla, who started off a bit slowly while adjusting to the Boston, has since turned on the gas, scoring  8 goals in his last 11 games.

         The first forward line has mended together nicely, which isn't always easy when playing with new teammates. Their ability to become one unit has translated into points on the ice, and has been a big factor in the Bruins success thus far. It's been interesting to see how well they've been able adapt to one another, and learn each other's game.

    Photo via bigbadblog.weei.com
         It's become apparent that they enjoy playing together, and that they have discovered how to play as one big, bad monster. Thursday's game against the Predators showcased how well they've come together as a line, when the first unit broke through in the third period to put the B's ahead.

         The play started with David Krejci, who stepped up in neutral zone along the Nashville bench to free the puck up for Milan Lucic, who swung in to take control. Lucic broke into the zone on the left side, with Iginla in the middle of the ice to his right, and two defensemen between them and the net. As Lucic arrived at the outside hashmark of the left circle, Iginla slid between the D, opening up a lane for Milan Lucic to slide the puck into the empty goalmouth to light the lamp.

         The play was a perfect example of the line working together to score a goal, as each player knew what his job was, and where his teammates were.
    “It all starts with [Krejci] turning the puck over there, and I just saw a 2-on-2 happen and Iggy does a great job of getting position around the defenseman there and was able to present his stick, and I just tried to put it on there and it ended up working and it ended up being a big goal,” Luc said, following the game.

         The first line will look to continue their success when they return to action Saturday at 1, against the Winnipeg Jets.

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