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    Stars' Horcoff on Seguin: "I blame the Bruins for how Seguin was handled"

    Dallas Stars forward Shawn Horcoff spoke to the media before their game Tuesday night against the Edmonton Oilers, and Tyler Seguin came up in the discussion.
    photo via Bostonglobe.com

    And boy, was it ever some juicy discussion.

    Horcoff praised Seguin and the work he's put in since being traded to Dallas last summer. And Mr. Horcoff did not mince words when speaking his mind about the perception that was born just a few weeks before Seguin was shipped off to Dallas.

    Horcuff puts the blame for Seguin's not-so-good-ending with the Bruins on the shoulders of the organization, citing their failure to "squash" Seguin's antics.

    I haven’t seen a single thing that warrants any of the stuff that was written about him when he was in Boston…maybe he did not want to come here and want to change a little bit, but the kid was 20 years old, he had won a Stanley Cup, he signed a big deal…In a lot of ways I blame the organization for not helping squash that. But that’s in the past for him, he’s become outstanding.

    Seguin has certainly produced in his new role on the Stars, posting 21 goals and 21 assists for 42 points total points. He leads the team in goals and points and is second on the team in assists. And the 21 goals would be tops on the Bruins, too.

    Horcoff has certainly paid his NHL dues, having been captain of the Oilers for three years before being moved to Dallas, so he has seen his fair share of young players trying to make their mark and find their legs in the league.

    But is Horcoff just covering for the team's new franchise player? Or is the veteran NHLer casting a legitimate viewpoint about how the Bruins mishandled Seguin? Did the Bruins give up on him too early?