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    This Week in Hockey

        This week in hockey has been a good one! Take a look at some of the things going on around the hockey world:
    Photo via www.sporttechie.com

    1. Ducks shutout Kings in first game of Stadium Series

         Outdoor hockey sounds like it should be cold.... and it usually is, however, to kick off the 2014 Stadium Series, the NHL decided to push the boundaries of outdoor hockey.

         The 63 degree weather in LA on Saturday wasn't going to keep anyone from enjoying a great game. In fact, the fans in t-shirts and shorts probably felt pretty comfortable watching a hockey game. The ice held up
    pretty well, and Kiss performed live to pump up the
    crowd at Dodgers Stadium.

    The Ducks posted a 3-0 shutout against the LA Kings.

    2. 2014 Mayor's Cup ends in a Brawl

         College hockey is an extremely competitive, exciting game, especially when two rival teams are going at it for a trophy. Well this was the case on Saturday night in Albany, New York, where the RPI Engineers faced off against the #3 Union Dutchmen in the 2nd Annual Mayor's Cup.

         Over the past few years, Union has dominated the bitter rivalry between these cross-town rivals, taking each of the last 10 contests against the Engineers. Heading into Saturday night, RPI was on a mission, to get their season back on track, and take down their 3rd ranked (nationally) rival. Well, they did just that... and more.

        Union's first period shorthanded goal was all they would get, as RPI later tied the game, and took a lead late in the third period, spending the final minutes of the third period fending off the Dutchmen in the Engineer zone.

         As the final seconds ticked off the clock, the RPI bench cleared to celebrate with their goaltender, Scott Diebold, however, while on their way over, a fight broke out along the RPI blueline, and suddenly, a brawl erupted. As the players duked it out on the ice, Union coach Rick Bennett made his way over to the RPI bench, where he attempted to have a go at RPI coach Seth Appert. The referees did their best to break up the brawl, players and coaches aside.

         Finally, when it was all over and done with, Union returned from the locker room to shake hands with the Engineers, only to be sent off once again before doing so. I had the pleasure to experience this live, and I suggest you check out the videos below to see what went down:

         Union players Mat Bodie and Eli Lichtenwald, as well as RPI's Mike Zalewski and Luke Curadi recieved game disqualifications, meaning they will be forced to sit out of their next game. Unions also chose to suspend their coach, Rick Bennett, for 2 games.

    3. Jagr passes Lemieux for All-Time Assists

         Former Bruin, and current New Jersey Devil Jaromir Jagr passed Mario Lemieux to take sole possesion of 10th place in the all time assists column. Oh yeah, and he did it at Yankee Stadium.

    Photo via bluelinestation.com

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