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    Video: Shawn Thornton flashes his skills to beat Thomas

    Shawn Thornton doesn't score many goals in the NHL. 37 to be exact in his 11-year-career.

    But we don't judge Thornton's play on his goal-scoring ability. We judge it on his energy, his competitiveness, his toughness and his desire to win.

    And every once in a blue moon, Thornton will reach deep into his bag of tricks and pull out a move that flashes on the ice and wows everyone watching.

    And it happened again last night! How lucky are we?

    Thornton pretty much made the entire play happen, as he skated by the whole Panthers team on his way from the neutral zone to the net. It was an incredible individual effort. But we expect nothing less from #22.

    Another one of his best aforementioned goals came against the Jets back in 2012 on his first penalty shot attempt in his career, and of course he buried it. Duh.