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    Stanley Cup Champs

    Bergeron joins historic company as he and Team Canada are golden yet again

    Team Canada completed their march journey for their ninth Olympic gold medal, beating Sweden 3-0 in the final on Sunday.

    It's well deserved, as Team Canada proved to be the best in the world, playing the best hockey in the world's most prestigious hockey tournament.

    They only gave up three goals in the tournament. Three. In six games. Norway, Finland and Latvia should consider themselves winners for simply putting a puck past Canada at one point during play. Especially Latvia.

    And speaking of accomplishments, etch another line into the career stone tablet for Bruins centre and all-around champ Patrice Bergeron. 

    PB soaks in another Golden Moment (twitter.com/bruins)
    Bergeron became just the eighth Canadian all-time to join the Triple Gold Club (Stanley Cup, Olympic gold and World Championship gold) back when the Bruins hoisted Lord Stanley in June 2011. 

    With the 2014 Olympic medal, he becomes just the third Canadian to have added another Olympic gold to his resume. The first was Scott Niedermayer in the 2010 Olympics. The other is Bergeron's Canadian teammate, Jonathan Toews. 

    That is quite the impressive company to be in. Niedermayer served as captain for the Devils, Ducks and of Team Canada in Vancouver. Toews is the Blackhawks captain, and Bergeron wears the 'A' on his sweater for the Bruins. It might as well be a 'C,' as there is no doubting Bergeron's leadership in the Bruins locker room. Something tells me at some point, maybe in the not to distant future, Bergeron will be wearing the yellow 'C' for the B's.

    Pictures say a thousand words, and this one is no different: achievement, humble, winner, class, success, accomplishment, poise, heart, determination, effort, willpower.

    When discussing Bergeron, the list goes on. And being crowned again as an Olympic champion simply adds to it.