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    Bruins vs Canucks: yup, we still hate you

    Now that football is over, the Bruins are going to become the buzz of Boston again, and what better way to kick the buzz up a notch than a Bruins vs Canucks game in Boston? Well Marchand is playing like Marchand again and that will definitely make this game ten times better than it would be without the little ball of hate.

    The Canucks are 27-21-9 so far this season. Torts has influenced his defensive mindset into the Canucks game play and its shown. Its shown most in the Sedin twins who in the month of January have combined for only 10 points. So, good job Torts, thank you for neutering the Sedins.

    Game Notes

    1) Torts Is Back! If there is one good thing about the Canucks its John Torterella. The defensive minded coach (who kills offensive players) is back from his suspension. The guy is easy to love or easy to hate and tonight its easy to bet he will force his team to play defense and block shots which makes them a tougher opponent for the Bruins.

    2) Lingering Hate: The Canucks and Bruins hate each other. Bruins fans and Canucks fans hate each other. The teams and fanbases have become so bitter that Vancouver born Milan Lucic has given up on Vancouver after getting punched by a Canucks fan and said he will never go in downtown Vancouver again. The hatred is what is going to make this game one of the best of the season.

    Projected Lines


    Tuukka Rask
    Chad Johnson