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    San Jose Sharks make teen with life-threatening disease an NHL pro for a day

    Now this is what really makes sports special.

    There's no disputing the impact sports has on the millions of  fans across the globe. There's a connection people have to their favorite teams that is unlike anything else in life. Fans give so much to their teams with their time, energy, attention and passion.

    So when a team reaches back to a fan and makes their wildest dreams come true, magical things can happen.

    Through the Make-A-Wish Foundation, the San Jose Sharks signed 18 year-old die-hard fan Sam Tageson to a one-day contract, making him a professional hockey player for the organization. Tageson was allowed to participate in practice before the Sharks' game on Tuesday, hang out with the team in the locker room and skated out onto the ice for the pregame warm-up.

    Tageson with his teammates (via standingosports.com)

    Tageson has a disease known as hypoplastic left heart syndrome, where the heart is born with only two chambers, not four. It is a life-threatening disease that leaves Tageson with the real possibility of needing a heart transplant later in life.

    Seeing Tageson brought to tears when the PA announcer and the crowd cheered him is simply awesome. It's one of the those moments that are unique beyond words and give a glimpse into the impact sports has on people.

    For one day, Tageson didn't have to worry about the difficult future that is ahead of him. Instead, he was busy living out his dream of playing for the Sharks and enjoying every moment of it.

    [via PuckDaddy]