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    Trade deadline- Goalies: going, going, gone! And... Corey Crawford's gear troubles

    Photo via bleacherreport.com
         This year's trade deadline has caused quite a stir already, and there's still more to come! However, this year, we're seeing a lot of moves in a place that is important to have a stud: the crease. This year, some big name goalies have been put on the market, and the moves have been quite entertaining to watch.

         Here's your summary for the NHL goaltenders who've been traded, or who's names have been thrown out in the market.

    Roberto Luongo- Yes, you've read correctly. After sending Corey Schneider away to New Jersey last June, Roberto Luongo appeared to be safe.... appeared to be. Today, the Canucks announced that they have shipped the veteran goaltender off to the Sunshine State, where he'll join his former Bruins "buddy" (sarcasm) Tim Thomas - at least temporarily, as a member of the Florida Panthers. As you may rememer, Thomas and Luongo had their fair share of... differences in opinion, shall we say?... back in the 2011 Stanley Cup Final, which of course, the Bruins won.

    Tim Thomas- That of course brings up our next question.... What are the Panthers going to do with Thomas? Well, don't be surprised if Timmy T is forced to find a new home once again. With Luongo coming in, it seems quite likely that Thomas may be headed out. Or, who knows, maybe he'll just take another season off!

    Ryan Miller- Ryan Miller, who had been a HUGE part of any success the Buffalo Sabres have had in recent days, was traded (as we probably all know by now) to St. Louis, alongside teammate (and former Sabres captain) Steve Ott. The Sabres are obviously making some large changes to their team, and are looking to pull themselves out of the pit of the National Hockey League, eventually... or at least we think.

    Jaroslav Halak- Well, it appears that Jaroslav Halak is our unlucky contestant, and will now have to call Buffalo his home. He was sent there as part of the blockbuster trade that dealt Miller to St. Louis. Sure, Buffalo is struggling right now, and it seems a bit unlikely that they'll find much success during the time period that Halak will be between the pipes there... but hey, you never know!

    Ilya Bryzgalov- Well, it appears the Oilers have had enough of Ilya Bryzgalov... after about 4-5 months. The 33 year old goaltender was dealt to Minnesota today, where he'll apparently serve as a rental for the Wild. The Oilers recieved a 4th round draft in return.

    Martin Brodeur- It looked as if Martin Brodeur had been a very strong candidate to head to Minnesota, prior to the Bryzgalov trade. Now, this trade is almost positively terminated. But who knows, maybe he'll head somewhere else? Seems unlikely... in which case Brodeur may finish off yet another season with the New Jersey Devils, a place he's called home for 21 years.

    But wait, there's more!

    Corey Crawford- Seeing his name bolded there may have seemed surprising, since it seems unlikely that Chicago would trade him... probably because they aren't. In fact, this has nothing to do with anything above, but it's still really funny and I couldn't help but write something about it. Corey Crawford has had some equipment trouble of late! Well... lots of equipment trouble. Just days after Crawford was forced to borrow his teammates goalie mask for the Blackawks' Stadium Series game on Saturday (his didn't arrive on time), it appears he's had yet another gear problem. Today, Crawford wore his Stadium Series pads during the teams practice, and explained that his normal pads had gone missing!

    “This is crazy,” Crawford said, via the Chicago Tribune. “I’ve never seen this before. I’ve never heard of this before. It’s crazy, man. The trainers are all stunned that it happened. Honestly, I told every guy, and some of the guys didn’t believe it happened.

    “Those are the ones I wear all the time — gone. I was speechless.”

    Well, that's all for today's goaltender news! Enjoy the trade deadline, and as always, GO B'S!!!

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