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    Well that's disappointing: B's/Canadians at Gillette off the table?

    After reports trickled out back in late-January that the NHL was mulling over its options for the Stadium Series next season, Gillette Stadium was mentioned among the chatter, with the game being between the Bruins and the Montreal Canadiens. A perfect plan from top to bottom.

    However, it now looks like that plan may be axed.

    According to a tweet from Renaud Lavoie, a reporter for TVA Sports in Montreal, multiple sources have told him that the Canadiens and Bruins will not play at Gillette Stadium next season.

    As disappointing as that may be, it does not mean that A. the Bruins will not play in a Stadium Series game next season or B. Boston and Montreal will not play each other in an outdoor game season. It just means that in all likelihood, they will not be meeting in Foxboro.

    The Bruins have been pushing the NHL to get back outdoors since the 2010 Winter Classic, and with the timeline looking at five years between games by the time 2015 comes around, and with the Bruins proving to be one of the best U.S. markets for the NHL, Boston has to get back outside.

    The Flyers, Rangers and Penguins have all played in multiple outdoor games since the Bruins last played outside at Fenway Park.

    Although the backdrop may not be Gillette Stadium, with the B's and Habs as the teams, there is still the strong chance the Bruins will be outdoors next season.

    We just need to wait and see who and where they'll play.