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    Stanley Cup Champs

    Bruins vs Sabres: haha, oh Buffalo

    Today the Bruins are playing the Sabres, and tomorrow the Bruins are playing the last game of the season. No one is looking forward to the off-season more than the Buffalo Sabres and their fans. No one is looking forward to the playoffs more than the Bruins and their fans.

    The Sabres are doing a good enough job of rebuilding. It sounds crazy, because they fired their GM, but before he was fired he did trade for a wealth of draft picks. If the Sabres draft well than in a few years they will be a pretty good team.

    Key To The Game
    Its Buffalo and there is only one more game after this. Can we just not? Because Buffalo is re-building, they are really bad right now. The only tool they can use against the Bruins is motivation. The motivation to beat the big bad division rival Bruins who are the best team in the league. While the Bruins are already in the playoffs and have little to play for.

    Projected Lines


    Chad Johnson
    Tuukka Rask

    *Lineup subject to change due to resting.