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    Mighty Ducks: Anaheim scores five-straight goals, win 5-4 in OT over Winnipeg

    Comebacks are always an awesome spectacle to watch unfold.

    Except when you're on the wrong side of the result.

    The Winnipeg Jets have been somewhat of a thorn in the side for the Anaheim Ducks this year, as it was the Jets who handed Anaheim their first regulation loss on home ice all year back in January.

    Last night, the Jets were again doing the Ducks raw, jumping out to a 4-0 lead halfway through the second period.

    The game seemed over at that point, and the Jets were 30 minutes away from dealing the Ducks another disappointing loss this season at The Pond.

    But the Ducks got one on the board with two minutes remaining in the second and the comeback, although interrupted by intermission, was on.

    Corey Perry scored the game-tying goal with just 22.7 seconds remaining in the game, and it was deadline-acquisition Stephane Robidas who won the game for the Ducks and capped the franchise's most incredible comeback just 16 seconds into overtime.

    Check out the full highlights below.