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    Neely on F&M: Jacobs will not give up Bruins to purchase Bills

    Bruins president Cam Neely made his weekly appearance on 98.5 The Sports Hub's Felger and Mazz on Thursday, and the topic of Jeremy Jacobs purchasing the Buffalo Bills was brought up.

    Neely made sure to put the rumors to bed swiftly:
    He has no interest in getting out of hockey...He's been extremely happy with his ownership here in Boston and he's enjoying how the team is playing. He told me that he has no interest right now, or doesn't have any interest at all to give up the Boston Bruins...I asked him. Like anybody else, you start wondering how true it may be. I had a feeling of what the answer would be, but just in one of the many conversations we had, I asked him.

    Jacobs has owned the Bruins since 1975.

    The rules of the NFL prohibit an owner of a team to also own other professional sports teams in different cities. The loophole would find itself in the chance that Jeremy Jacobs would hand control over to his son, Charlie, who serves as the principal of the franchise. Charlie would become the owner of the Bruins and Jeremy would return home to his native Buffalo to run the Bills.

    But that scenario is now a moot point, as Neely's comments seemingly put to bed any chance of that happening.

    [via cbs.boston.com]