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    New Player of the Game Jacket, via Johnny Bucyk

    Photo via @NHLBruins on Twitter
         The Bruins have once again introduced a player of the game trinket, which made it's debut on Saturday in Boston's 5-2 win over Philly. The jacket, which has appeared just in time for the upcoming playoffs, belonged to Bruins legend Johnny Bucyk, who passed the jersey along to Zdeno Chara. Now, with the postseason so close that you can smell it, the jacket will begin making it's way around the Bruins locker room.

         The jacket is black and brown, and proudly reads "Old Time Hockey" and "All Guts No Glory" across the chest and back. It's become a tradition in the Bruins dressing room to pass around a goodie to the player who they believe had the largest impact on a win... they passed around an Army Rangers jacket last year, a chain back in 2012, and of course, the Old-School Bruins jacket when they hoisted the cup back in 2011.

         The Bruins are honored to pass around the Bucyk's old jacket, and Claude Julien mentioned how it pays homage to he Bruins greats from the past:

    “There’s a lot of respect for those guys, the past of this franchise, and the people that have been here, It was Johnny Bucyk’s jacket and he gave it because he didn’t fit in it anymore." Julien said, joking about Bucyk. "Otherwise we would have had to buy it, right? He’s been real good to us and he felt that this is a great opportunity for him to continue to be part of our group which he is and donate something that the players are finding real important right now. 
     “It’s an homage to those guys that have been here and done so well. I think our players have a lot of respect for those guys and want to continue that tradition. So they’re going to wear that jacket proudly.”
       Hopefully the jacket isn't the only object that'll passed around the Bruins locker room this postseason.

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