Playoffs day 7: Habs sweep, Rags go up 2-1, Sharks win in OT to go up 3-0

The first series of the 2014 Stanley Cup Playoffs has gone final, and it's the Montreal Canadiens who get it done.

And no, the highlight video does not show the awful penalty called on Tampa forward Cedric Paquette way late in the third period to put the Habs on the powerplay, of which they scored on the man-advantage.

Montreal typical.

Tampa Bay Lightning @ Montreal Canadiens: 3 - 4, Montreal wins series 4 - 0

New York Rangers @ Philadelphia Flyers: 4 - 1, Rangers lead the series 2 - 1

San Jose Sharks @ Los Angeles Kings: 4 - 3, Sharks leads the series 3 - 0