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    Hockey fans! Do you want to join BruinsLife?

    Hockey fans! Do you want to write for BruinsLife?

    BruinsLife is looking to add a handful of writers in the coming weeks to their staff of very talented writers. If you are passionate about the Boston Bruins, as well as for the game of hockey, and would like to contribute to the daily actions of posting about the Bruin players, the team, news and rumors around the NHL and a variety of other topics, we would love for you to apply!

    Here are just some of the basic requirements of writing for the blog:

    1. The need to contribute content daily to the blog. The ability to put up material consistently is the main objective of our site and it is what drives our relationship with the fan community. 
    2. Read over and follow the posting guidelines constructed by our owners. We pride ourselves on working by the grammar and formatting rules to ensure that only the highest quality of work is posted.
    3. Maintain constant communication with the BruinsLife content coordinator and the other writers for the blog. Breaking news must be covered immediately and having a direct line of communication to the content coordinator will ensure that those topics can be handed out to the writers and covered. A failure to keep in constant contact with the CC and other writers will result in topics going uncovered, work being poorly completed and other unacceptable incidents.

    Here's what you'll need to get started:
    1. A resume of what you believe to be your best work as a hockey writer.
    2. A sample writing piece on a current Bruins topic that you would feel comfortable publishing ASAP (250-500 words). 
    3. Provide an original idea as a segment piece that you could cover on a weekly basis.

    Please contact BruinsLife on Twitter or email Content Coordinator Mark Burke at m.burke42@hotmail.com to get the ball rolling! We look forward to hearing from you and reading your work, and we hope to add many of you to the BruinsLife team!