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    Milan Lucic gets heated, tells Dale Weise "I'm going to [expletive] kill you next year"

    During the handshake line between the Bruins and Habs, Milan Lucic was steaming after each passing shake, giving the next guy in line a harder and firmer crush of the hand. When Lucic got to Dale Weise, he had some extra words to say to the man who just ended his season beyond the cliched "good game."
    A seriously p'oed Lucic stormed past the Habs in the handshake line following Game 7 (via ESPN.com)

    Looking at the video from CSNNE, and bear in mind I'm not a professional lip-reader, it seems the first words out of Lucic's mouth are "F*** you," followed by more dialogue we can't see due to the position of Dale Weise's enormous head blocking Lucic's mouth.

    According to reports, those words were "I'm going to f****** kill you next year."

    But Lucic wasn't done, and after passing two more Habs players in the line, he planted yet another shoulder-flinging handshake on Alexi Emelin and again added some more heated commentary right in Emelin's grill. Judging from the replay, Lucic fires out something along the lines of "F***ing a**hole motherf*****...Yeah? Yeah?"

    We certainly know of the fiery history between Lucic and Emelin, and no handshake line is going to make Lucic forget otherwise.

    Dale Weise after the game was quick to call out Lucic for his lack of sportsmanship in the handshake line, telling reporters postgame that Lucic was "disrespectful," but wouldn't elaborate on what was said:

    I think as the series went on our motivation grew. They just disrespected us in every single way, and I don't think they had any respect for us as a team. We'll leave it at that...They just have some guys that do disrespectful things, even in the handshake line they had a couple guys sorry just one, that couldn't put it behind them and be a good winner. Milan Lucic had a few things to say to a couple guys.

    Lucic fired back with his own view on the matter, telling reporters:

    It was said on the ice so it'll stay on the ice, so if he wants to be a baby about it, he can make it public...I don't know what they're talking about 'disrespect.' Having a goal celebration, what kind of disrespect is that? I mean [long pause] I'm not gona say anything, I got nothing to say about that.

    Is it bad form on the part of Lucic? Did he break the long established code of respecting the handshake line, the place where no matter what happened out on the ice before, it is there where the true spirit of the game is remembered? Yes and yes.

    Does it matter? Should he be vilified for it? Was it wrong for him to do?

    No, no, and no.

    We always ask the question as we watch the teams go down the line, shaking the hands of the players that just crushed their dream of lifting the Stanley Cup.

    "What do you think they want to say through gritted teeth?"

    Well, we have our answer. Something along the lines of "I'm going to f****** kill you next year," mixed in with a little "A****** motherf******."

    This is not the first time a handshake line has seen an incident akin to this one. And it won't be the last. It sucks because it does make Lucic look like a sore loser after getting beat on his home ice in Game 7.

    But if Dale Weise wants to take his side of the story to the media and call out Lucic for what he said, then Lucic has a right to come back at him the same way. The Montreal and national media will vilify Lucic for breaking the code of respecting the handshake line, but I will applaud him for actually saying what was on his mind.

    Lucic hates the Canadiens. He hates losing to the Canadiens, and he hates coming up short in Game 7 with a trip the Eastern Conference Finals on the line.

    If he wants to skip the phony pleasantries and tell a couple of rivals to piss off after the biggest game of the year, there's nothing anywhere telling him he can't.