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    EA Sports NHL 15 making a big splash on the frozen water


        As many of you already know, EA will be releasing it's latest version of their annual NHL video game come next fall, and many Bruins fans are extra-excited. Why? Well, a couple of reasons...

         First of all, Patrice Bergeron has a very good shot at appearing on the cover of NHL 15, thanks to the dedication of Bruins fans across the globe (thank you). The winner of the cover vote final will be unveiled during the 2014 NHL Awards on June 24th.

         Secondly, EA is making some franchise-altering changes to the next generation of sports games, and gamers and hockey fans sure are excited. Here's why:

    -EA will be further expanding on their physics system, promising realistic, hard-hitting collisions, as well as realistic puck movement, unlike anything seen before in a video game

    -NHL 15 will also see new player/equipment models, so your favorite player is guaranteed to look like a true beaut. Plus, EA has worked to create unprecedented player-likeness, so that each player out there is just like the real man in the sweater.

    -EA has also added a superstar skill stick, so that you can control the puck like never before, and the next generation of player intelligence.

    -Lastly, EA has made some major changes to the visuals of their cherished franchise. With the new availability of next-generation gaming consoles, whether it be Xbox One or Playstation 4, NHL 15 will create a true hockey atmosphere, unparalleled in any previous game. From the early looks, EA has created a beautifully-looking hockey game, and has added the NBC broadcasting team to make the game even more realistic. This is promising to be much more than an updated version of NHL14. Check out the videos below.

    Get the chills? Me too. It's okay to cry with joy. Let's hope Bergy is on the cover to truly perfect it.

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