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    Iggy Update: Jarome looking for 2 year contract, but will take 1 year deal to remain with Bruins

         At the start of the offseason, the focus for the Bruins has been Jarome Iginla. Iginla, a free agent, has expressed his love for Boston, and would like to stay. The same is true for the other party, however, the salary cap has caused a bit of a problem.

         When free-agency begins on Tuesday, Iginla will be free to sign with whichever team gives him the offer he's looking for, and the Bruins aren't alone. Several teams, including the Red Wings and the Wild, have expressed interest in the veteran forward, and Iginla has arranged meetings to discuss his options with several teams.

          Iginla is looking for a two-year deal, which is something that the Bruins may not be able to provide. However, Iginla said he would take a one year deal from one team: the Bruins.

         So, will the Bruins be able to work something out with Iginla? The next couple of days should be interesting. Keep with us at Bruins Life for constant Iginla/Bruins news.

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