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    Farewell Thorty: Shawn Thornton signs with Panthers

    One of my personal favorite Shawn Thornton moments (boston.com)

    We already knew that Shawn Thornton would not be wearing the Spoked-B next season, but we now know which sweater he will be wearing. And it is the sweater of the Florida Panthers. The Panthers announced today that the veteran enforcer had agreed to a 2-year, $2.4 million contract with the team.

    It sucks to see him leave Boston, but it is impossible to not be thrilled for Thorty. He is getting a raise and gets to spend his final years in the NHL in sunny Florida. He won't be winning any Cups in those two years, but he will do what he loves to do: help his hockey team in any way he can.

    Thornton was a fan-favorite and Boston, and will remembered for his hardworking, blue-collar style of play, as well as his easygoing personality and community service around Boston. And as I'm typing this, Thornton comes on Sportsnet and starts his interview with "I demanded $28 million but came in just shy of that." Classic Shawn Thornton right there. Despite being a badass on the ice, he is one of the nicest and funniest guys in the league.

    Best of luck Thorty, and thank you for everything you did for this team and city.

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