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    Rangers' Cam Talbot has a new 'Ghostbusters' mask and it kicks all kinds of butt

    Serving as Henrik Lundqvist's backup can be bring it's fair share of hardships for any NHL goalie. The room for error playing in spot duty is extremely slim, and fans can be quick to wish they hadn't picked the one unfortunate night of coming to the arena and seeing the backup netminder in place of King Henrik.

    But for the Rangers' Cam Talbot, fans at MSG and arenas across the NHL will have no problem if it's him between the pipes instead, as they'll have the pleasure of watching Talbot wear one of the coolest masks running in the league.

    Talbot's Ghostbusters themed mask, the second one he's had made by his designer, comes complete with the twin Zuul dogs, the Stay Puft Marshmellow Man, the one and only Bill Murray on one side and the very sexy (in the '80s) and possessed Sigourney Weaver on the other, not to mention the iconic crossed-out ghost on the top of the mask:
    (via DaveArt.com)

    (Via DaveArt.com)