Tyler Seguin lets golfer tee off his... genitals?

Seguin is having an interesting summer.
 A video has surfaced on Tyler Seguin's Instagram account showing him lying down on the greens with the golf ball standing on top of his..... genital region during the charity golf tournament at Nobleton Lakes Golf Club in Ontario that he hosted. A YouTube comment on the video wittingly stated "That's the toughest thing I have seen Seguin do".

It is nice to see Seguin making a positive impact on his new NHL team and community. It just didn't work out for him here in Boston and the trade has obviously benefited both squads. This wacky behavior, including his recent selfie from his Instagram account which has gone viral with him and a primarily estrogen dominated entourage, coincides with Seguin's recent return to Twitter after deactivating it after his controversial Texas "Steers and Queers" comment upon learning about the trade that sent him to the Dallas Stars last offseason.

Welcome back Tyler. We missed you here in the land of social media. One things for sure - at least Brad Marchand wasn't down there with him. They would have a hard time finding out who the tournament champians were.
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