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    R.I.P. Matthew Wuest, founder of CapGeek

    Matthew Wuest, founder of CapGeek and beloved Halifax sports writer. (Photo via: Halifax Metro Canada)

    Yesterday was a sad day for hockey fans around the world as Matthew Wuest passed away. In the NHL's salary cap era, the league does not provide information listed in a players contract. If you were a person just like me who sat hour after hour to figure out a player's salary, find out potential roster moves, or just wanted to know if a team would be hit with any cap penalties... you got your information from Matthew Wuest. A true innovator in the modern era of statistics, Wuest provided easy to follow information for any fan who wanted the information. Information that really couldn't be found anywhere else. CapGeek was the website to go to for all player information a fan could need, but had to cease operation on January 3, 2015 due to Wuest's health.

    From Metro Halifax Canada:

    The former Metro Halifax sports reporter and CapGeek founder was always the one writing the stories, often shying away from having stories written about him. Wuest died during the early morning hours Thursday at Victoria General Hospital in Halifax, wife Melanie Patten by his side, following a two-and-a-half year battle with colon cancer.

    The Stanley, N.B., native was always trying to better himself, whether covering local sports such as the Halifax Mooseheads, Halifax Rainmen and Atlantic University Sport for his full-time job with Metro, or developing what became one of the most popular online hockey resources out there, a side gig ran out of the “CapGeek offices,” his north-end Halifax home.

    Ben Wuest, his brother, also posted on Twitter this morning the best thing that you can do for Matthew:

    Rest in peace Matthew Wuest. Thank you for all you have contributed to the world of hockey.

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