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    Bruins should embrace betting, sports and otherwise

    The Boston Bruins and the rest of the NHL are always looking for ways to gain popularity in the competitive landscape of major sports in America. But there is one way that the major sports leagues can continue to gain popularity: by embracing the betting industry. This can apply to both sports betting and other forms of wagering, all of which can combine to give sports fans better ways to interact with their favorite teams.

    Sports betting is, of course, the first and most important way that the Bruins and NHL should try and engage their fans with betting. Bruins owner Jeremy Jacobs has already acknowledged as much, stating that sports betting can be a legitimate positive for teams in the NHL. And that viewpoint is accurate for the most part, especially with the implications that sports betting can have for hockey teams in terms of engagement.

    Bettors tend to watch games involving the teams that they bet on, which could greatly help the Bruins and the rest of the NHL. The Vegas Golden Knights were proof of that when they drew big crowds and had local support throughout their first season in an area where sports betting was legal. If the Bruins could replicate that kind of situation in Boston, they would be able to mobilize one of the best fan bases in sports to pay closer attention to them.

    The governor of Massachusetts has acknowledged that this could be a positive for the state, introducing legislation that could see sports betting legalized in the state both in casinos and online. All parties involved seem to see that as a positive, with the consensus being that it would make the Bruins a more popular product while giving fans a financial incentive to follow the team.

    And when it comes to betting, there is no reason that the tie-ins with the Bruins should stop with sports betting. Casino betting continues to get more popular, which is something else that the Bruins could use to drive fan engagement. The specifics of an idea like that would need to be worked out, but it could be another way that the team could convert casual bettors into dedicated Bruins fans.

    For example, the Bruins could give away exclusive casino bonus offers to fans using a casino that also offers sports betting options for a natural tie-in with the club. This could be offered to fans who watch the team on television or purchase tickets to watch in person, creating a win-win situation between the club and fans that could benefit everyone. Most importantly, it would enhance the fan experience, making them happy to continue to support the franchise.

    The betting industry as a whole is becoming more widely accepted, but sports teams have yet to fully unlock its potential. If the continued legalization of sports betting can combine with the increased popularity of online casino play and the exciting action of NHL hockey, the biggest winners would be the fans. Whether or not the league is able to put the pieces together to unlock that potential is something that should be of great interest to Bruins fans going forward.