Bruins Eliminated From the Playoffs During Overtime

      It was a sad night for the Bruins yesterday when Joel Ward of the Washington Capitals scored in overtime to allow Washington to win this round one playoff series against the Boston Bruins. This series was so close that it broke an NHL record. Never have all seven games been decided by one goal. The last goal of the 2011-2012 season for the Bruins was from Tyler Seguin last night.
The Bruins salute their fans after game seven.
      There were so many factors that decided this series. Nathan Horton was out, the Cap's rookie goaltender was stellar, Patrice Bergeron was not taking faceoffs due to injury, Adam McQuaid was out as well, and the Bruins were not as physical as they could have been. Of course the power play did not help them much either. Now the Bruins are starting their summer a lot earlier than expected. This was "the year of upsets" during this first round. Many strong teams during the regular season have been eliminated including the Boston Bruins, the Pittsburgh Penguins, the Vancouver Canucks, and the Detroit Red Wings. Many people thought that at least one of those teams were going to win this year's Stanley Cup.
      You have to give the Capitals credit, though. Their goaltending was great and they were clearly determined. The Bruins deserve much credit also because they did extend this series to seven games and only lost by one goal each time. Now the Bruins are faced with a long Summer to think about next season and try once again to win the Stanley Cup.