The Bruins Lackluster Offense Costs them Game 4

      On Thursday night, the Bruins lost to the Washington Capitals 2-1 in regulation. Despite firing 45 shots on Cap's goaltender Braden Holtby, only one got through. Now the Bruins are headed back to Boston to face game five on Saturday. So why did the Bruins lose? For starters, once again the Bruins did not have enough traffic in front of Washington's young goalie, allowing him to make easy saves. The Bruins did not make it tough on him. Also, the Caps were clearing the loose pucks in front of Holtby, which did not allow the Bruins many rebound opportunities. Going forward, the Bruins have to get to those loose pucks in order to get more quality scoring opportunities. The Bruins now have to win two out of three games in order to take this series. This will not be an easy task, but as long as the Bruins can get their offence going once again, the bruins should be able to win this round.

      To win this series, not only do the Bruins have to get their offence going, they also have to keep doing well defensively. This has not been a problem for the Bruins so far, but in order to limit the Cap's chances, the Bruins have to be stellar in their own zone. Tim Thomas also has to keep doing as well as he has been. He has given Boston a chance to win every game in this series and in order for Boston to win, he has to continue to shine. Lastly, the bruins have to get to the loose pucks before the Caps do so they can put some pressure on Braden Holtby. If the Bruins do all of these things, they should be able to win this series. Be sure to catch the game five on Saturday at 3:00 pm live on CBC, NBC, and RDS.