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    Claude Coaching Youth Hockey, and Labor Talks "Yet Again" Resume

    Earlier today ESPN reported that Claude Julien will spend the lockout coaching a youth hockey team for charity.
    I love these stories when players and coaches go out and giving back to the community. Imagine the faces on those kids when they hop on the ice and get to be taught by an NHL coach.

    In other Bruins news Zdeno Chara's KHL team was featured on ESPN2 last night against Alexander Ovechkin's team. Unfortunately Chara's team lost 1-0 as Ovechkin scored the only goal.

    And finally labor talks have resumed this week. It is still a hit or miss but from the most recent reports the NHLPA is supposedly putting together a proposal. They will meet again tomorrow to "continue" the talks. At this point I wonder what they are even talking about because after every meeting it seems like nothing is happening.

    The regular season was supposed to begin tomorrow, now we look at no hockey for the whole month of October and maybe more. I'd be amazed if they figure something out soon, but til then all we can do is wait.